Wet Basement

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Are you worried about having to throw out another box of your cherished memories due to water damage?

Have you heard rain on your roof and wondered “is my basement going to stay dry this time?” You may even have thoughts such as, “will my sump pump keep up with the water?” or even  “will the carpet and drywall get ruined… again?

All it takes is one good rain… and suddenly you’re dealing with a wet basement.

For many homeowners, water in the basement or crawlspace is exhausting to think about and very frustrating to deal with. Often, water in these areas means damage to your structure or personal belongings.

Water can enter your basement or crawlspace in several ways:

  • Cracks in basement walls from a sinking foundation
  • Cracks in the basement floor
  • Loose or poorly compacted soil
  • Window well areas that collect standing water
  • Downspouts that dump water against the foundation wall
  • Seepage though exposed rebar ties or exit lines for gas and sewage

Basements may even leak in dry seasons

Every now and then, we may experience a drier than normal season. If it has been dry for a while, many types of soil tend to contract, or shrink. Aside from the possibility of foundation settlement, dry, loose soil gives water an easy access to your foundation wall and footing.

The truth is, it’s incredibly difficult and very expensive to entirely waterproof your home. Because of this, many basements will leak at some point. Because there’s no shortage of basement waterproofing products and repair philosophies, you’ll want to chose the option that is best for your home based on the nature of your water problem.

A dry basement is useable living space!

Ever get tired of worrying about your basement or crawlspace flooding? Regain what your basement was intended for – useable living space! Whether your plan is to have reliable dry storage space, a play room for the kids, or entertainment space, 3D Structural will work with you to design the right basement waterproofing plan to guarantee a dry basement!